Soak a Coach for Cash

Soak a Coach for Cash

Sick of running wind sprints? Tired of "two a day" practices? Do you generally enjoying taking people in power down a peg?

Here's your opportunity to stick it to the man. As a fundraiser for the annual Winter Carnival (a great event that provides free food, games and prizes to the local community) some of Albion College's administrators and coaches are letting you soak them with water balloons (verbal humiliation optional!) for 30 minutes each at a booth at the Winter Carnival on December 4th.  Any coaches that have $50 raised in their name will get water balloons crushed dropped on their head by the people attending.

All we need is for the students, parents, alumni, and other members of the Albion family to donate to have the pleasure of watching coaches be repeatedly doused with cold water.

Looking to make an end of the year gift and douse these fine people?  You can donate to the student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) online here or contact Sr. Associate Athletic Director Melissa Walton at  You may also give cash donations to any SAAC representative.

Athletic Department Personnel

Matt Arend Athletic Director

Jerry Block Head Men's Soccer Coach

Scott Carden Head Baseball Coach

Lance Coleman Head Track & Field Coach

Jake DeCola Head Men's Lacrosse Coach

Tim Dunford Head Tennis Coach

Autumn Haggadone Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Andy Lawrence Head Athletic Trainer

Bobby Lee Sports Information Director

Shanta Loecker Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

Jody May Head Men's Basketball Coach

Cesar Maza Assistant Volleyball Coach

Jordan McArleton Head Golf Coach

Andrew Meschke Assistant Athletic Trainer

Eric Scott Head Women's Soccer Coach

Amanda Schneider Assistant Softball Coach

Steve Wasil Assistant Football Coach